While staying at Villa Valdarecchia, you can enjoy many activities in the wild nature of the surrounding mountains. Watch the video in the homepage to discover the treasures of this territory!

Welcome day

Every Monday the Local Touristic Organization organizes a Welcome day in the amazing portico of the middle age palace in town:


The guests staying at Villa Valdarecchia can enjoy free tasting of local products, craft beers and wines and experince the Italian life style making home made pasta. Watch videos from last year: learn how to make dough and tagliatelle, being involved by the chef!


There are so many nice trekking paths for every level. You can discover some of them on your own:


but for the ones that bring you to remote and amazing places, it’s a good idea hiring a guide. The cost of hiring a guide is 180 euro for a full day and 130 euro for half day.



There’s a stunning canyon close by (“Gola del Furlo”) where you can do rafting. The cost is 20 euro per person:


There is a climbing spot in “Rio Vitoschio”. For this one a guide is definitely needed.
At the Villa there are some bikes you can use. If you want to have a proper tour with professional bikes, there are tours that cost 18 euro per person.
Another good tip is going for a free tasting of the local craft beers at the factory where they produce it and free tasting of local wine at a agro factory near by!
Cultural and historial places near by to visit: Urbino, Gubbio, Assisi, Gradara, San Leo. 
In the house you’ll have some guide book for you on best places to visit near by.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with the owner in order to plan them before your arrival!


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